Tales of a Southern Pagan Mom

Merry Meet!

Witchy Comments & GraphicsI’ve been toying around with the idea of creating a new blog to focus on all things Pagan in my life – my own path and beliefs and how they translate into action, raising children in Goddess Tradition, living in a household that supports multiple religious/spiritual paths (and how that affects the kids), pagan crafts and also the more technical side of Paganism, like spell and ritual writing.

I have other writing projects as well, but none that really address this part of my life. I have recently been a part of starting a new Pagan teaching circle in my area, and being around such a tight-knit group of like-minded people has really made my faith and practice a much larger part of my life. As to which came first: the desire or the action, I don’t know – I think it was a ‘right time/right place’ kind of thing.

As for me, I’m Rowan. That’s not my everyday name (that’s usually ‘Mom’), but it’s one that I have used for several years and I feel comfortable putting that name out there as my public face. I’m a 30-something Texas native, and I have two children. I have been married for almost half of my life at this point, and to the same man, which I think is quite an accomplishment. My husband is Atheist/Secular Humanist and our children are free to choose their own paths. We believe that it our duty to educate them; to expose them to the wide spectrum of spirituality and belief and let their own hearts guide them. We make it a habit to talk about our beliefs with our children and also to visit friends’ churches, temples and houses of worship. In addition, we frequently have discussions with them about diversity, discrimination and other things related to narrow world-views. Some may view this as a bad thing, but we believe that it is an essential part of their foundation – to know what is out there so that they know where they stand.

Like many, I was raised in a strict Christian household, and my family still practices their religion. Of my family members, I am the only one who identifies as Pagan. Their religious beliefs make it difficult to be ‘out’ as a Pagan and so as of this writing, I prefer to keep my beliefs somewhat private. Fortunately though, I do have quite a few very close friends whom I consider part of my family.

My path at this point is somewhere between ‘secular pagan‘ and ‘eclectic pagan‘. After leaving Christianity, I was drawn to  Wicca and practiced for a few years. Then I got married, had children and the lure of my family was great at that time, so I picked up Christianity again, knowing on some level, I think, that it wouldn’t last. I turned to study again, and found a ‘free-thinking’ group that helped me define a bit better what I did and did not believe. Since joining my teaching circle, I have also been exposed to the differences in tradition and belief, and in practice. Our group is diverse, and with the many paths represented, I’ve had the opportunity to sample rituals and traditions from those paths. While all of them may not fit, I have found the exposure has deepened my commitment to my own path, and broadened my curiosity into areas of Paganism that I previously did not know existed.

I think it will be interesting to have a record of ‘this side’ of my life. I look forward to writing here, and getting to know you out there as well!

Brightest Blessings, 

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