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Creating Connections in the Pagan Community

One of the tools that I have found useful as a new blogger (whether that was in the beginning, when I first started to write, and when beginning a new writing project in general) is a prompt website. For this particular project, Pagan Blog Prompts is an interesting tool – not just to give me an idea to write about, but also to explore that topic for my own consideration.
The current topic is ‘connections’. Several questions are asked, including:
How do you connect with other Pagans?
Do you have a local group you can meet with on a regular basis?
If you can’t connect with local people, where online do you connect with people of like mind?
What’s the hardest part about connecting with other Pagans?
I am fortunate in that I do have a local group that I meet with regularly. I am a founding member of that circle, but feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it. I’ve actually been looking for a group – the ‘right’ group – for quite some time. I’ve visited other groups in the past, and found them to be lacking – interesting, but definitely not the right fit.
I think the hardest part of connecting is finding people who share a similar view of spirituality. I feel like it’s something to be taken seriously. It’s enjoyable, yes – but it’s not a frivolous thing. My deities are not my ‘buddies’, and though I delight in the occasional ‘shock value’ of saying ‘Pagan’ just as much as the next person, it’s not something I advertise in order toshock people (or advertise at all, really). I am more interested in a deeper spiritual connection than a social group; this is one reason why I love my local group. We hold rituals and have fun social time, but the majority of our meetings are  study group meetings. We have had ‘homework’ in the past and are currently doing a year-long series on the history of witchcraft and paganism. I appreciate the seriousness with which my circle-mates approach not only their own practice, but the paths of the other, differing traditions and rituals that we have represented in our group.
I have read and heard quite a bit about ‘5th Degree High Priestess So-and-So of XYZ Coven’ and her persnickety and somewhat snooty. naive ways; I am pleased to have thus far avoided contact with such ‘playgans’ (a term I think is awesome and perhaps best delved into fully at Elftown). We don’t seem to have a huge Pagan community in my area, but there are a few out there if you know where to look. WitchVox is always interesting to see how many pagans there are in my area. I decided to create a profile there– I’ve been a lurker for years but since I am establishing myself publicly now, I figured it was time.
The other way that I connect with the Pagan community is through blogging – reading and commenting (and now writing my own). I have been a subscriber and reader of some of the blogs on my sidebar for several years now; having a space to openly advertise that makes me happy. Reading about things that apply to my life – as a mother, as a teacher, as a member of the Pagan community in general – makes me feel connected and helps me to clarify my own path.

I think that I am posting this too late to officially get in on the links for this original post, but it was a fun exercise, anyway. How do you connect with the Pagan community?

Brightest Blessings,

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