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Inner Peace

This week’s Pagan Blog Prompts topic:
Inner Peace
What is it?
How do you achieve it?
For me, the feeling of ‘inner peace’ has several different connotations. I tend to think of it as a feeling of being home in my head – things are settled; I am at rest; there is nothing weighing or pressing on my mind.
In another sense, it is feeling like I have made the right choice, or right decision about something, even if making the decision wasn’t something I wanted to do; for example, a ‘better of two evils’ situation. It may also mean coming to terms with a decision that I made in the past with only limited information, or chosen something in the past that I would choose to do differently now that I have more life experience or education or done more research.
Inner peace is also something I achieve through meditation or making time for myself to go inward. I have chronic anxiety issues, and so without medication, I have no peace… but with my hormones and chemicals balanced, I find that getting to a peaceful place is much easier. In some areas, I find that looking back over the course of things and seeing that the right choices made have led me ‘here’ is a source of peace. That also gives me confidence to move forward; to know that I have a history of making ‘good’ decisions. Other things, new experiences that I don’t have a previous similar checkpoint to look at, are more nerve-wracking.
I try to take time each day to meditate, even if it’s only a few minutes. Some music, some incense and a quiet space can make all the difference in my attitude sometimes. Finding that inner calm and being able to work from thee instead of an emotionally charged place is preferable, when I can do that.
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Brightest Blessings,

One response

  1. Good to know that you have a good grip on what brings you peace, and that you make an effort to generate that peace every day.
    Thanks for sharing with us at PBP!

    April 29, 2012 at 1:34 PM

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