Tales of a Southern Pagan Mom

Witchy Cabinet

 There seems to be a trend on YouTube about sharing and showing off your sacred spaces – altars, meditation rooms, and witchy cabinets.

I love watching them – seeing how different people, who practice in different ways and follow different paths, have created sacred spaces in their homes is very inspiring to me. But the one I enjoy the most are the tours through people’s witchy cabinets!

I love seeing what ‘things’ are inside them, how they’re organized and what they’re made from. I’ve seen everything from bookcases (or just a shelf or two), to entire rooms full of things. Books, herb collections, crystal, stone and gem collections, ritual wear, crafting supplies, extra altar decorations, statuary, candles (oh, tons of candles!) and all kinds of stuff.

I don’t have a YouTube account, and I am a bit camera-shy, so I thought that I would share a bit here about my ‘witchy cabinet’, and talk about how to set one up if you don’t have one already. I’ve seen some people who have their things all over their homes. I personally prefer to have my things stored all together in one spot so I am not running around trying to locate this book or that binder, but have relatively recently embraced the idea and practice of secondary ‘mini-altars’ all over my home.

I keep the majority of my things in a trunk in my bedroom. My primary altar is right there as well, so I have everything I need at arms reach. I have all of my books that deal with Paganism, herbs, crystals, mythology, witchcraft and religion on a bookshelf, with my binders (Books of Shadows) underneath it. I keep herbs, extra candles, tools (mortar & pestle, extra candle holders, athame, etc.) and my divination tools in the trunk. I also store my ritual garb (that doesn’t have another home) in there – my cape and pointy hat (worn for fun, of course) are both in there as well as some scarves and other altar cloths. And lastly, I keep trinkets and other keepsakes in the trunk. Some of them are useful – meaning that they’re either charged or holding a spell, or have held something and I don’t want to get rid of them.

When I am doing spell work though, I most frequently work at my desk, which is in my office with all the craft supplies. This creates a bit of a transportation issue at times, because I am lugging books and herbs back and forth, but overall works out well, because everything is neatly stored when I am finished. Since I have curious children running around, and also play hostess at times, having my ‘supplies’ out in the open wouldn’t work for me – plus the tendency of children and guests to touch would be annoying to have to deal with all the time.

If you don’t have a cabinet, it’s pretty easy to set one up. They can be made out of any space that is big enough. I started with a box that was about 18″ x 24″,  and 6″ deep under my bed. I think the first things I ever had that were ‘pagan’ were Scott Cunningham’s Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (still a favorite of mine even though I am not ‘Wiccan’) and a quartz crystal. I added candles in red, blue, green, yellow and purple and a scarf as an altar cloth. Later, I found a wand in the woods, and started collecting herbs and other trinkets. Slowly, that box filled up and I got a bigger one. Then I moved to a shelf to hold the books and a box on the shelf for my supplies.

Eventually, I had a ‘workroom’ of sorts set up, but with the addition of a husband and children, space became limited, so I boxed up most of my things. I always kept a small altar set up – just candles and incense, usually – in my bedroom, and for a long time, that’s all I had time (and space) for. Over the past few years, I’ve unpacked my altar and set it up again, added a couple more small altars around the house. My witchy supplies have migrated to a more readily accessible location so that I have what I might need right at my fingertips.

It’s been an interesting shift from having a small space, to a room, back to a small space and now, having my things all in one place, but my whole house has a more Pagan feel to it these days. I have decorations up that I have never had before – a handmade besom by the front door; a pentacle and witch balls up throughout the house, statuary in the kitchen… it’s comforting to have these small symbols up in my home.

So what about you? How are your supplies stored and organized?

Brightest Blessings,

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