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Houston Pagan Pride Day 2012

This past weekend, I went with some of my Circle Sisters to Houston’s Pagan Pride Day at That Pizza Place on Ella. We had such a great time!

I was kinda nervous about going – I’ve never been to anything like that. The only large-scale Pagan gathering I’ve been to was a ritual hosted by another local group (and it was a less-than stellar experience), so this was a totally new thing for me.

I have to say that the atmosphere was just lovely. Warm and inviting, energetic and lively – I am not at all disappointed that we went. There was music and dancing, and I met a few members of a Houston-area Druid Circle and another group, Blackberry Circle, and were invited to attend their Samhain ritual in November. I think some of us are planning on trying to go!

There were also quite a few vendors. I bought a Mjolnir pendant, some copal resin, and white sage from Deidre La Faye Magickal Gifts, admired their crystal/gem-embellished vials but ultimately purchased some patchouli oil from ElvenKeep, saw some amazing shrine boxes from Elemental Enchantments, got rocked by Robin Kirby, and Wild Rabbit Salad; was enchanted by Chanson De Vie Belly Dance Troupe and utterly enjoyed the main ritual, a Sumerian ritual led by Kaleen Reed. Such beautiful, clean energy from all those wonderful people!

                               AARF LogoCMA logo

The charity was AARF (Adopt a Rescued Friend), and Spiral Scouts were there to lend a helping hand. Council of Magical Arts was there – I don’t know much about hem, but got some literature and look forward to learning more.

I left with a renewed interest in Spiral Scouts, too. A while back, a friend of mine got the information to start a group here, but this was back when SS was pretty new and she said that they didn’t seem to have their structure as organized as it is now. I spoke t her the other day and I think that we’re going to work on trying to start one again. Between SS and our Circle’s children’s school, I think that we’re in a place to offer an active SS group for this area. It will be nice to have a scouting organization that is more in line with my personal beliefs again… so yeah. Definitely interested in getting that started.

Though this was a kid-friendly event, I didn’t bring my kiddos. It was a ‘girls bonding’ thing, which was really nice. We all had name-tag stickers with our Circle logo, and it was nice to be recognized as part of a ‘group’. My sticker got a little wrinkly by the end of the day – but was well-worn with pride!

Anyway – I just thought I would share a bit about my experience. I think next year, our Circle is interested in vending – some of us are pretty crafty, and it might be good exposure for us as well.

Brightest Blessings,

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