Tales of a Southern Pagan Mom

A Questioning Path

 I really like this picture. One of the reasons I chose it for this post is because it’s not just one path; it’s a path that allows for turns that interact with other people, and that can bring you back to the places you were before. I think that’s more representative of the way that life is – the choice I make today may lead me somewhere new, but it might also bring me back to a place I was before, or at least a very familiar place. I also think that this is such a valuable thing for my kids to learn as they grow and find their place in the spiritual world.

This is, in part, what happened to me. I revisited a familiar crossroads – one that I had been at before – where my needs and beliefs differed greatly from that of those around me (my family). At that time, I chose one direction… but then slowly started making choices that ultimately brought me back to that same crossroads again. This time, I have chosen a different course – one that takes me farther away from those whom I once chose to please.

While I define myself as Pagan, that’s not a tidy little word that encompasses everything about my spiritual beliefs. I think that, especially over the last decade or so, the definition of ‘Pagan’ has grown to include almost (if not more) styles of practice, belief and worship as the many Christian religions. When you hear ‘Pagan’, though there is a certain set of ideas that you can assume they might hold, the specifics of their individual beliefs are as vast as the stars. From individual direct paths like Wicca, Kemetic, Hellenic; to the various Reconstructionist or Ecclectic versions of those paths, to purely Ecclectic paths… the structure and exact definition of beliefs of each of those varies even within the coven or group themselves.

This, to me, has the potential to be an utterly amazing thing. Indeed, among the people I have met within the Pagan Community in my own Circle, and came into contact with at Pagan Pride Day, the openness and willingness of a group of people with such vastly differing beliefs to come together for a moment and celebrate both the diversity and the unity of belief is especially tantalizing to me; someone who is always questing for something that resonates for my own practice.

I don’t know where my path will lead me, ultimately. I am not dead-set on anything – I’ve had too much ‘organized religion’ in my life to feel either the need for or comfort in a truly structured, ‘THIS is how we practice’ religion of any kind. But partake occasionally? Find an element from their worship that appeals to me? Yes, please! And I am fortunate, indeed, to be part of a community that makes my questioning path both acceptable and feeds my desire to participate in and learn new things.

Brightest Blessings,

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