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Full Worm Moon

I haven’t done many Esbat posts, so with the full moon coming up tonight, I thought I would talk a bit about the Full Worm Moon. March is the beginning of Spring (with the New Moon falling on Ostara this year), and so my theme this month is ‘Awakening’. Much like the ground is coming alive with the promise of new life, I feel like I am ‘awakening’ a more proactive part of myself – part of me that’s been sleeping.

With my housekeeping purge on-going, I feel energized (except for yesterday, when a nap won out over finishing up in my closet), and like I’ve accomplished something – or maybe something big is on the horizon.

As the Moon’s energy wanes, it’s a good time to send things away – in this case, that’s in the very literal sense of releasing hold on possessions and items that no longer serve a goal or to make my spirit happy. In other ways, it’s a release of the stagnation that the end of winter always brings.

Today, I’ll be taking down my altar, cleaning everything and setting it back up. That’s the last task in my ‘Step 1’ of my plan for March’s ‘Sacred Space’ blog. I am also going to set out a couple of jars to make Moon Blessed Water, and charge my crystals. It’s been a while since I’ve taken care to fully celebrate the Full Moon Esbat. I’m looking forward to marking it in a memorable way.


To recap, I have given myself a challenge – to spend the month of March cleaning, purging and minimizing the spaces in my house. I set several dates and steps, and gave myself a timeline. This is the first step, and updates. Here’s the challenge:

Step 1: Bedroom – What’s my goal here? This is my personal space. I don’t share it with anyone (other than my husband), and my kids don’t often come into my room. My altar and cabinet of curiosities (herbs, oils, books, etc.) are all kept in there, and I want that space to be inviting and refreshing for my spirit. Practically speaking, I also need to move my clothes from the laundry room into my closet (which is currently full of old crafting supplies). Here’s what needs to be done:

  • clear out closet
  • remove craft supplies & confine to one box
  • create space for clothing
  • clear off bookshelves (get rid of hard copy books that I have in digital form)
  • clean out trunk & organize herbs onto shelves
  • clear nightstand drawer of clutter
  • go through bathroom closet (de-clutter makeup, beauty supplies, etc.)
  • TIME FRAME: 4 days (March 2-5)

I am adding:

  • go through clothes & cull things that don’t fit, that I don’t like; hang what’s left
    • tops
    • bottoms
    • smallclothes (bras, panties, socks and other ‘small’ things); assigned to baskets on a shelf in the closet
    • at home clothes (yoga pants/tee shirts/swimwear)
    • outerwear (coats/jackets, etc.); remove to laundry room for now with plans to move them to the hall closet next week to free up space in bedroom closet
  • sort shoes & cull; put what’s left in the closet (and work on finding a shoe-storage solution that works in *tiny* spaces)
  • sort purses/bags & cull; put what’s left in the closet (neatly)
  • clean, re-set altar

Tuesday, March 3 update: I’ve cleaned out my closet! It’s empty! I was a little ambitious with my expectation that I could get my craft stuff down to one box; I forgot just what was in those boxes (keepsakes and a quilting project that I am saving for sometime when my kids are out of my house). I DID get my sewing down to one box (not including thread and notions – but I am working on it), and took an entire box of crafting supplies out and put it in the office to be sorted and put away in the correct spaces.

I took all of my clothes out, and am going to be sorting them tonight and tomorrow, and getting things on hangers. I also covered the shelves in fabric, and added baskets for my smallclothes to go into. I am also leaving space for my collection of purses, shoes and work supplies that should rightly be housed in my closet.

This part of the project was honestly the most overwhelming – the part I was dreading. But I got it all out, and threw out FOUR garbage bags (kitchen-sized) of junk, which included a lot of old sewing projects and fabric I’ve been hanging on to, and a pair of black heels that I have never worn because they hurt my feet (but they’re SO pretty!!). I’m pretty impressed with myself.

The more I get rid of, the more I WANT to get rid of!

I will edit this post to reflect what Friday holds; for now (late Wednesday night, when I am posting this), I am going to focus on work tomorrow, then work on the rest of my bedroom in the evening, and will be in celebration mode Friday.

Thanks for reading!
Brightest Blessings,
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